RFP Terms of Engagements

RFP Constitution and Code of Conduct.


Article 1 - Name
Section 1.1 The name of this Rotary Fellowship shall be Rotary Fellowship of Palmwine (RFP).

Article 2 – Statement of Purpose
The Fellowship exists to use the Palmwine as a symbol to promote Africa’s rich cultural heritage and in effect boost African tourism. It also wants to globalize the Palmwine culture and propagate the rich economic values of the Palm Tree. The Palm Tree which produces the Palmwine is an economic tree that has no wastes. It produces the Palm fruits from which Palm oil is made. The kernel remaining after taking the palm oil is rich in making other special kinds of body creams, soaps and other things. The chaffs from both the kernel and the fruit are used in making feed for animals and other things. The shells are used like gravels on floors of compounds. The Palm tree produces also the Palmwine which is the best local alcoholic beverage in most African countries. The Palmwine can be distilled to get the highest quality Gin of almost 100% alcohol. The branches are used to make brooms that every household use to sweep. Parts of the branches too are used to make baskets and roof thatch houses. The trees are used as pillars especially in thatch houses. The fresh Palmwine is a rich source in producing breast milk for nursing mothers. The enormous economic values of the Palm tree cannot be overemphasized.

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