Director, North America Operations - CHIEF OLAYINKA AFOLABI

Chief Afolabi is a certified Immigration Practitioner in Canada, and holds a Masters degree in International Law from the University of Lagos, which he bagged in 1992. Prior to this, he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Education from Nigeria’s premier university, the University of Ibadan in 1990.

Additionally, he holds the advanced Diploma in Business Administration, conferred on him by the United Kingdom Association of Business Executives (ABE), in 2005. Subsequently, he obtained a Diploma in Human Resources from the Alison Institute, Ireland.

Chief Olayinka served as government bureaucrat in the Oyo State government for (15) fifteen years before taking voluntary exit about a decade ago. Prior to his exit from civil service, he rose to the position of Director and Subsequently served as Executive Secretary of the Oyo State Tourism Board.

His immense wealth of experience in Tourism activities, sites, destination peculiarities, and tourist welfare arrangements and provisions, shall de deployed in running and growing our Tours, corporate and private Charters including pilgrimage travelling, lodging, escorts and site seeing services.